As many of you know 2013 started off as a very slow year for me, but rapidly picked up its pace as I acquired a bar job, moved out of my mum’s house and then started my MA in Linguistics, and as a result I’ve had very little time for writing (and not much to blog about). However, 2014 should be a little more interesting on that front as the part-time nature of my MA will give me a MASSIVE summer in which I will have very little to do (apart from working of course), and no doubt my fingers will be itching to get back into some writing! I’ve lost my grasp on the Authority of Stars somewhat and don’t really feel up to juggling plot threads webbed over 9 different novels, and similarly I’m a little bored of far-future sci-fi at the moment, but I have a solution!

That solution is to write an entirely standalone prequel to the series, and this will be beneficial in several ways. For a start it’s a small term commitment for me; something that I can pick up and put down without having to worry too much about the internal consistency of a much larger universe. Secondly it allows me to try something different (I don’t want to give too much away, but think post-apocalyptic world with migrating hordes of deranged mutants, telekinetic flying super heroes, and genetically altered Gestapo-like secret agents); it’s the same universe but at a different time. There is one planet, no synthetic life, and no rapid transit to distant destinations. Thirdly, as a standalone novel it will be easier to pitch to publishing houses since it will have a fully closed ending and won’t depend on previous or subsequent instalments.

I’m in the early stages of planning at the moment, but will hopefully start writing when my second semester is over so expect more updates closer to the time!

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